Diversity & Inclusion

We are committed to attracting talent from the broadest universe possible. A diverse and inclusive workforce makes us better investors and a better firm.

Phishing Email Alert

Blackstone has recently become aware of fraudulent emails purporting to offer employment at Blackstone and misusing the official Blackstone logo. These emails do not originate from Blackstone or any of our affiliates. If you have received any such email, you should not click any links in the email or provide any personal information (e.g., your social security number or scans of identity documents).

A Genuine Commitment


We want to be the employer of choice for the most talented and skilled in our industry. That requires us to seek people who may have historically been overlooked.


We have created grassroots internal networks to support and engage our diverse populations, helping them build lasting relationships for every stage of their careers.


We actively promote diversity and inclusion, both inside our firm and throughout our industry, including through partnerships with like-minded external organizations.

Women’s Initiative

The Blackstone Women’s Initiative is not only an employee resource group supporting gender inclusion. It drives innovative programs across the firm focused on developing women to their full potential, fostering connectivity across businesses, encouraging mentorship and helping shape our women’s recruiting strategy. The Initiative’s activities include a C-suite speaker series, a quarterly newsletter, networking events and service opportunities.


Our BX WIN program pairs women hired through our campus recruiting efforts with junior and senior mentors across the firm.

Insights from Our People

Introducing the Women’s Initiative

Beth Chartoff, Head of Investor Relations and Business Development for GSO, explains the mission of the Women’s Initiative and its accomplishments so far.

Career Development

Women from across the firm discuss how Blackstone’s culture contributes to the advancement of female professionals in all aspects of their careers and in all stages of their lives.

Recruitment and Retention

Senior leaders discuss Blackstone’s efforts to not only increase women’s representation at the firm, but also support and empower women as they progress through their careers.

Why Finance?

Leaders from across Blackstone reflect on their personal experiences working in finance, and why they see it as an exciting field now and in the future.

Advice to Female Professionals

From speaking up to being themselves, women at Blackstone share advice they wish they had received when starting their careers.

Jon Gray

Jon Gray, Blackstone’s President, explains how the firm operates as a true meritocracy, creating an environment in which women’s careers can thrive.

Diverse Professionals Network

We launched the Blackstone Diverse Professionals Network to expand and enhance the recruitment and retention of underrepresented minorities, as well as to create an inclusive community of diverse employees within the firm.
The Diverse Professionals Network provides a platform for our people to connect globally and advance the dialogue regarding the importance of diversity for our business.
At Blackstone, we are a team. That’s why all employees are invited to participate in the Diverse Professionals Network, which seeks to engage and connect employees by hosting speaker series, professional development panels and social events.

Perspectives on Diversity

Diversity and Inclusion at Blackstone

Senior leaders at Blackstone introduce our affinity networks and discuss the impact of diversity of thought throughout the firm.

Alison Fenton-Willock

Global Head of ESG Alison Fenton-Willock talks about the strength of Blackstone’s culture and discusses the importance of diversity to the firm’s success.

Mentorship and Support

Senior leaders speak about the importance of mentorship at the firm and the shared success that comes from building lasting relationships.

Diverse Professionals Network

Members of the Diverse Professionals Network discuss the group’s important role as a sounding board for underrepresented minorities, and how this community contributes to Blackstone’s unique, team-centered culture.

OUT Blackstone Network

Global Head of Compliance and Co-Chair of OUT Blackstone Marshall Sprung speaks about how this affinity network and the support of senior allies from across Blackstone have shaped his experiences at the firm.

Future Women Leaders

Senior women at Blackstone share their experiences helping to build the Future Women Leaders Program and their efforts to encourage program participants to pursue careers in finance.

OUT Blackstone

We launched OUT Blackstone to raise awareness of social and professional challenges within the financial community that impact LGBTQ individuals, and to encourage the recruitment, recognition and retention of talented LGBTQ individuals. OUT Blackstone’s mission is to help create a supportive environment in which employees can bring their full selves to work. The network hosts workshops and speaking events, volunteers on behalf of notable organizations and sponsors LGBTQ events such as the Newfest Film Festival.

Veterans Network

Our veterans have given a lot to America. We recognize their contribution, and we value the unique perspective they can bring to Blackstone. The Veterans Network aims to cultivate a community of veterans and advocates that will recruit and retain talented veterans and proven military leaders who can add meaningful value throughout the firm.

The MINT Program

The Blackstone Military Internship (“MINT”) Program helps ensure that military veterans have the opportunity, support and guidance to make a successful transition into the financial services industry. Through a ten-week paid internship at the firm, participants explore career paths, gain applied work experience, cultivate skills, and expand their professional networks, while increasing their understanding of financial markets, products and services.
We are committed to providing equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment. Our policies cover all legally protected categories, including race, color, religion, gender, pregnancy, sexual orientation, military or veteran status, disability or any other class or status protected by law.