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Our ApproachFostering Growth
Through Collaboration.

We believe in
Strategic Partnerships.

When we acquire a business, we work hand-in-hand with
management to align our strategies and unlock its full potential.

We believe in
Operational Excellence.

Our team consists of seasoned operators with diverse
backgrounds and operational expertise in various industries.

We believe in
Long-Term Horizons.

While we aim to drive growth and profitability, we understand
that sustainable success requires careful planning and execution.

Transaction TypesWe have a broad investment
mandate and target various structures

We focus on generating long-term value. By holding our companies for the long haul, we actively contribute to the growth and success of the companies which we acquire..
We focus on generating long-term value. By holding our companies for the long haul, we actively contribute to the growth and success of the companies which we acquire..
By acquiring and merging smaller companies, we can create larger, more dominant entities with increased market share, synergies, and cost efficiencies.
By acquiring a carve-out, we provide dedicated attention, resources, and strategic direction to the business unit, which may have been overlooked or underperforming within the larger corporate structure.
These transactions provide us opportunities to partner with existing management teams or founders seeking to transition ownership or seek additional capital for expansion.
By acquiring assets, we can leverage our expertise, resources, and operational capabilities to drive growth and generate attractive returns. Asset purchases involve acquiring specific assets, such as real estate, intellectual property, technology, or infrastructure.

Investment CriteriaIdentifying Unique
Acquisition Opportunities.

Industry Expertise

Our team draws upon broad industry expertise across different sectors. We are passionate about locating companies that exhibit growth potential while maintaining a competitive advantage in their niche.

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Language Learning
Publishing and Educational Content
Test Preparation
Continuing Education
Corporate Training
Online Education
Vocational Training
Spa and Wellness
Security services
Laundry services
Maintenance services
Housekeeping & Concierge services
Food and Beverage
Travel and Tourism
Event planning & management
Aerospace and Defense
Electrical Equipment
Metals and Mining
Software Development
Hardware Manufacturing
IT Services
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Internet of Things (IoT)
Biotechnology and Health Tech
Healthcare facilities
Medical Devices and Equipment
Digital Health and IT
Medical Research
Healthcare Consulting
Investment Management
Brokerage Services
Credit & Lending
Payment Processing
Wealth Management
Risk Management
Consulting Services
Accounting and Auditing
Legal Services
Advertising and Marketing
HR and Staffing
Market Research and Data Analytics
Architecture and Engineering
Translation and Interpretation
Event Planning and Management
Apparel and fashion
Food and Beverage
Electronics and Appliances
Home Improvement and Furnishing
Health and Personal care
Automotive and Automotive Parts
E-commerce and Online Retail
Sports and Outdoor Retail
Luxury Goods

Target Acquisition

The companies we target for acquisition exhibit strong growth potential, solid financial foundations, and a competitive edge in their respective markets.
[1] We consider smaller transactions with great upside potential.


Cash flow margin, indicating that the company is liquid and can generate and manage cash


In EBITDA, indicating efficient operations and healthy cash flow generation.


Healthy and sustainable profit margin.


In revenue with consistent growth over time.

Value-Enhancing InitiativesCreating Value
Post Acquisition.